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Only You Can Be You for Little Ones (ages 4-6)

Nathan & Sally Clarkson

19 Available
Some kids like to dance and laugh out loud, and some sit quietly and make up stories in their heads-we're all different, and that's okay because the maker of everything made us this way! In her first children's book, bestselling author Sally Clarkson and her son Nathan encourage children on the jo...

When Worry Whispers

Joyce Meyer

14 Available
Ease your little one's mind with this encouraging picture book all about worry--both what it is and how God's promises can help us fight against it--written by #1 New York Times best-selling author Joyce Meyer.  When Worry whispers "What if?" and tells you about all of the bad things that might happ...

Stella The Brave


7 Available
It isn’t easy to go to a new school and make new friends, but kids will discover through Stella the Brave that they can count on Jesus for courage in any situation. As young readers follow Stella through her first day at school in a brand-new city, they will relate to her fears, struggles, and trium...

Otter B: Honest #01

Pamela Kennedy

6 Available
Otter B Honest is the first in a series of six children's books that are intended to teach young children basic biblical character traits. In Otter B Honest, Otter breaks his father's watch while playing pirates with his friend. After trying to hide the broken watch from his father, he learns that h...

Someone I Love Died

Christine Tangvald

4 Available
First published in 1988, ‘Someone I Love Died’ has long comforted the hearts of children 4 to 8 who have lost someone close. It gently leads children through grief with age-appropriate words and solid biblical truth that understands a child's hurting heart. The added interactive resources ensure thi...

What Do You Say to a Dragon?: A Story about Facing Fear and

Lexi Young Peck

50+ Available
A young boy wakes from a nightmare about a scary dragon and comes to his parents for comfort. Instead of responding with answers that can feel dismissive to a child such as, "It isn't real. Don't be afraid," his parents' reply models for moms and dads how to have healthy, healing discussions with th...

Whatever Is Lovely

Susie Poole

38 Available
Simple text and beautiful artwork help toddlers understand God's world and key Bible topics. Using images that ages 0 to 4 are sure to identify with, Whatever Is Lovely shows children that even though life has troubling moments like being afraid or sad, we have a God who listens to our prayers. Base...

Broken Crayons Still Color (Emotions - ages 4-7)

Toni Collier

30 Available
Help your kids process big feelings, build a social-emotional tool kit, and find beauty in life's challenges with this creative story that expresses the hope of the gospel from podcast host, speaker, and mom Toni Collier. Avery has big emotions and bubbling anxieties about changes in her life. When...

Meg is Not Alone (Importance of the Local Church)

Megan Hill

12 Available
With the captivating story of a little girl whose parents mistakenly leave her at church, this TGC Kids picture book illustrates Jesus's command to "love one another," showing children ages 3-7 that God has provided the church to be their loving community. ...

Walking Grandma Home: A Story of Grief, Hope & Healin

Nancy Bo Flood

10 Available
This picture book from a child psychologist and counselor uses a touching and relatable story about a young boy's grief to help children 4-8 understand what it means to lose a loved one and how to process their own emotions of fear, grief, and joyful remembrance.  When Grandma tells Lee she will so...

Buster Tries to Bail: When You Are Stressed

David Powlison

8 Available

What Do I Do With Worry? Board Book

Josh & Christi Straub

8 Available
Young Willow is a worrier. She’s just moved to a new neighborhood, and with it comes a new lineup of questions and doubts. What if there are tornadoes here? What if I trip getting on the bus? What if my dad loses his new job? What if a star falls out of the sky and lands on my dog?   Sometimes silly...

Arlo and the Great Big Cover-Up (Repentance & Grace)

Betsy Childs Howard

6 Available
p>Beautiful Illustrations  |  Simple Story  |  A Lesson on Repentance and Grace Arlo knows better than to get out of bed during rest time. And he definitely isn’t allowed to draw on the wall. But Arlo does it anyway, and then desperately attempts to cover up his disobedience before his mom finds ou...

Quokkas, the Snails, and the Land of Happiness

Eric Geiger

6 Available
Two quokkas, two snails, one strawberry patch . . .   Suzy and Sam Snail live in the Land of Sadness, constantly working hard to feel loved. But their gloomy lives just might change when they meet two friendly quokkas who tell them all about the Creator and what life is like in the Land of Happiness...
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