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Woven: A Holy Week Devotional Booklet

Bible Society

50+ Available

Take A Journey This Easter: Adult (Single)

Bible Society

50+ Available

3 Days That Changed the World Booklet

Roger Carswell

50+ Available
The crowds shouted, 'Crucify Him!' ... So began the three most significant days in world history. Three life-changing days that have the power to transform your world. Popular author and speaker Roger Carswell explores what led to the events of the first Easter and shows how Jesus' death and resur...

From Glory to Glory: 54 Daily Bible Readings For Lent & East

Tom Parsons

50+ Available
From Glory Into Glory follows Jesus on this journey from the unexpected glory of the cross into the blazing brightness of the resurrection. Our guide is Jesus’ beloved disciple, John. Our longing is that the word of Christ will dwell richly within us. Travel along, then, with these daily comments an...

The King, the Cross, and the Meaning of Easter

Jonathan Griffiths

47 Available
Who is really in control? In the panic of a crisis, our eyes might turn to world leaders, influencers, or institutions to give us guidance. We wonder: Where can we find the help we need? There is a story that speaks into our question. It’s the story of a man the institutions rejected. It's a story ...

Easter: The Greatest News

Paul Williams

43 Available
We don't like to think about death. It's morbid and uncomfortable because if we're honest, deep down, many of us are fearful about what will happen when our time comes. But what if there was one who could take us through the door marked death with confidence? The story of Easter contains the greates...

Your Vedict on the Empty Tomb

Val Grieve

32 Available
Originally published in 1988, this is a clear and brilliant examination of the evidence for the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Val Grieve was a lawyer and so the evidence is presented with care and due regard for proper procedure. The text has been updated where necessary, making this is a f...

Forgiven: Resurrection Meditations From the Book of Hebrews

Tim Chester

27 Available
We live in uncertain times. Our society is changing rapidly and many of us feel left behind. How can we face the future with confidence? In these resurrection meditations, Tim Chester reassures our fearful hearts by pointing us to the Lord Jesus and his finished work. Guiding us through the later ch...

He Lives Activity Pads 12Pk

Fun Express

7 Available
Each Easter-themed pad includes colouring pages, puzzles and games.  Material: Paper. Size: 7" 48 pgs. ...

Journey to the Cross: A 40-Day Lenten Devotional

Paul David Tripp

4 Available
Through this 40-day Lenten devotional, best-selling author Paul David Tripp invites readers to find freedom from the world as they experience the Savior more fully, celebrate him more deeply, and follow him more faithfully.

Risen One: Experiencing All of Jesus in Easter

Scott James

4 Available
How is your family preparing for Easter?  Through this short and sweet devotional (especially helpful if you're teaching little ones with short attention spans), Scott James brings to light the many things that Christ's life and resurrection means for us not only through the season of Lent, but all ...

From the Grave: A 40-Day Lent Devotional

A W Tozer

4 Available
40-day Lent devotional from a beloved spiritual writer As for the field, so for the soul: "The neglected heart will soon be overrun with worldly thoughts." Careful cultivation yields a harvest, and the heart requires great attention. . From the Grave, a 40-day Lent devotional, reflects on this cri...

Tract Meaning of Easter KJV (25 Pack)


1 Available
To the people of the world, Easter means that the perfect plan of salvation has been provided. The Bible, God's book, summarizes the "gospel," which means "good news," this way: "Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures . . . he was buried . . . he rose again on the third day according...
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