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Religious Freedom in a Secular Age

Michael F Bird

27 Available
In Religious Freedom in a Secular Age author Michael Bird argues that religious freedom should not be preserved by churches entrusting themselves to the protection of a Trumpian leader draped in the apparel of civil religion, nor should they consent to allowing religious freedom to be steam rolled b...

More Than a White Man's Religion: Why the Gospel...

Abdu H Murray

22 Available
Though many today accuse Christianity of being a white, imperialistic religion, it is actually the source for cherished Western ideals of racial and gender equality. In More Than a White Man's Religion, author and speaker Abdu Murray shares stories from the Bible and his own experiences as a global ...

We Were Wrong: A Evangelical Pastors Radical Transformation

Keith Stewart

17 Available
We Were Wrong is the story of a pastor who travelled halfway around the world thinking he was going to save Africa only to discover God had the opposite in mind. God would use Africa to save him from himself and his self-serving paradigm of ministry. This is a story of conversion and waking up to an...

Enemies and Allies: An Unforgettable Journey ITPE

Joel C Rosenberg

5 Available
Do recent changes in the Middle East signal peace? One Arab country after another is signing historic, game-changing peace, trade, investment, and tourism deals with Israel. At the same time, Russia, Iran, and Turkey are forming a highly dangerous alliance that could threaten the Western powers. Mea...

Embodied: Transgender Identities, the Church

Preston Sprinkle

4 Available
Compassionate, biblical, and thought-provoking, Embodied is an accessible guide for Christians who want help navigating issues related to transgenderism. Preston Sprinkle draws on Scripture as well as real-life stories of individuals struggling with gender dysphoria to help readers un...

Fortune: How Race Broke My Family and the World

Lisa Sharon Harper

36 Available
"Extraordinary. . . . Let this story of family, race, and resistance create anger in your spirit and ultimately inspire your heart to join the work to heal our nation and eventually our world."--Otis Moss III (from the foreword) Drawing on her lifelong journey to know her family's history, leading ...

Hope Always: Be a Force For Life in a Culture Suicide

Matthew Sleeman
$19.97 $29.99
33% off

18 Available
"A much-needed manual for all who attempt to counsel troubled souls battling despair." --Bob Russell, Retired Senior Pastor, Southeast Christian Church Every single day, someone you know is thinking about committing suicide. It isn't just one or two--ten million Americans will consider killing them...

Does the Bible Support Same-Sex Marriage?: 21 Convers

Preston Sprinkle

13 Available
Many arguments are made for and against same-sex marriage that end with divisiveness and confusion instead of thoughtful conversation. New York Times-bestselling author Dr. Preston Sprinkle provides a resource that will encourage respectful and thoughtful conversations around the question "Does the ...

Finding Your Best Identity: A Short Christian Introdu

Andrew Bunt

12 Available
Finding Your Best Identity: A short Christian introduction to sexuality, identity and gender is Andrew Bunt's heartfelt exploration of how identity is formed and developed. Bunt is the author of People Not Pronouns: Reflections on Transgender Experience and is a speaker and writer with Living Out, h...

Following Jesus in a Warming World: A Christian Call

Kyle Meyaard-Schaap

11 Available
Have you ever looked at the effects of climate change and the apathy of so many around you and wondered, "What are we missing here?" Climate activist Kyle Meyaard-Schaap understands this feeling from personal experience. But in his years of speaking to and equipping Christians to work for climate ac...

Seeing is Believing: Revelation of God Through Film

Richard Vance Goodwin

10 Available
How might film reveal God? In its most basic form, film is a series of images displayed over time. Of course, film has developed greatly since the Lumiere brothers by adding components such as sound, special effects, digital recording, and more to create an increasingly complex artistic medium. Hist...

New Reformation: Finding Hope in the Fight For Ethnic

Shai Linne
$14.97 $29.99
50% off

9 Available
In the sixteenth century, the church faced a doctrinal crisis. Today, the crisis is race. We all know that racial unity is important. But what's the right way to approach it? How can Christians of different ethnicities pursue unity in an environment that is so highly charged and full of landmines o...

NZ 2050

George Bryant

9 Available
Analysis of what NZ society will be like in 2050. What sort of people we will be? How will we live. New technologies. What will improve and what won't. A look at the future the environment (a sustainable society?), education, farming, religion... ...

God Is Not a White Man: And Other Revelations

Chine McDonald

9 Available
What does it mean when God is presented as male? What does it mean when - from our internal assumptions to our shared cultural imaginings - God is presented as white?   These are the urgent questions Chine McDonald asks in a searing look at her experience of being a Black woman in the white-major...

Help Her Be Brave: Discover Your Place in the Pro-Lif

Amy Ford
$12.97 $27.99
54% off

8 Available
Discover your place in the pro-life movement. What if we lived in a world where every woman with an unplanned pregnancy always felt empowered to choose life for her unborn baby? To create that kind of change, it will take all of us. As the church, we can play a powerful role in making abortion unth...

No Reason to Hide: Standing For Christ

Erwin W Lutzer

8 Available
Will You Be Complicit, Complacent, or Courageous?  In a culture with an ever-narrowing definition of tolerance, Christians can no longer stay silent about the divide between the Bible's truth and the world's lies. From bestselling author Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, No Reason to Hide examines the toxic roo...
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