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Godmothers: Why You Need One. How to Be One ITPE

Lisa Bevere

23 Available
There is a role unique to women that we abandon easily. We live near each other, but not with each other--and not for each other. We don't want to intrude or judge and, maybe, we don't want to see each other truly succeed. And the world is happy with this unhappy state for women--one that pushes u...

Chasing Vines: Finding Your Way ITPE

Beth Moore

18 Available
Join bestselling author Beth Moore in her life-changing quest of vine-chasing—and learn how everything changes when you discover the true meaning of a fruitful, God-pleasing, meaning-filled life. Most of us have times when, if we are honest, we’d admit to feeling like our lives are embarrassingly sm...

Stand in Confidence: From Sinking in Insecurity to Rising

Amanda Pittman

16 Available
Culture, church, and life have sold us narratives about who we're supposed to be as women. If we play the part well, we gain love, acceptance, validation, and significance. When we don't know which role to play from one day to the next, we sink in insecurity. We feel driven to people-please, downpla...

Discerning the Voice of God

Priscilla Shirer

11 Available
From the pen of one who has been where you are: loving God and longing to hear his voice, Priscilla Shirer shares her insights based on practical experience and years of biblical study in this new edition of Discerning the Voice of God. In it she writes: Through His longsuffering and steadfastness, ...

Is God Speaking to Me?: How to Discern His Voice

Lysa TerKeurst

6 Available
Living with a deeper awareness of God’s leading isn’t just for a select few…it’s for you too! Have you ever wondered if God still speaks to us today? Or do you worry that what you’re perceiving as God’s voice is really just your own thoughts? You’re not alone. In Is God Speaking to Me?, Lysa TerKeu...

Emotionally Healthy Woman: Eight Things You Have to Quit

Geri & Peter Scazzero

5 Available
Geri Scazzero knew there was something desperately wrong with her life. She felt like a single parent raising her four young daughters alone. She finally told her husband, "I quit," and left the thriving church he pastored, beginning a journey that transformed her and her marriage for the better. In...

Promises For a Fruitful Life Booklet

Beth Moore

5 Available
Drawn from passages and Scriptures Beth Moore brings to light in Chasing Vines, this booklet will help you find new hope for Kingdom-building. With each page, you'll be reminded that your life matters--and nothing you've experienced will be wasted by the One who created you. After all, you were crea...

Faithful H/C

Amy Grant

3 Available
As they examine the stories of incredible women of the Bible, readers will find hope, encouragement, and a strong sense of community in this beautiful, eclectic collection of writing, photos, and lyrics that reflect God’s faithfulness. Bringing together some of the most beloved Christian authors and...

Deeper Kind of Calm

Linda Dillow

50+ Available
Through the Psalms, women can learn how to positively handle the disappointments of life, discern the comforting truth found in God's Word, and be encouraged to deal with the waves of trials, depression, and discouragement. - Includes a 4-week Bible study ...

Well, Girl: An Inside-Out Journey to Wellness

Jami Amerine
$12.97 $26.99
52% off

50+ Available
If you’re skinny, fat, short, tall, or somewhere in between. . . If you’ve ever thought that losing weight would lead to happiness. . . If you’ve ever avoided a mirror because you didn’t want to see your reflection. . . If you’ve found Jesus or you’re still searching. . .   Well, Girl, You’ve Come t...

Confident Heart: How to Stop Doubting

Renee Swope
$14.97 $29.99
50% off

50+ Available
Ever feel like you're not good enough, smart enough, or valuable enough? Renee Swope understands. Even with a great family, a successful career, and a thriving ministry, she still struggled with self-doubt. Sharing her own personal story, Renee shows you how to rely on the power of God's promises to...

What Was He Thinking?: Woman's Guide to a Man's Mind

Mike Bechtle
$9.97 $11.99
17% off

49 Available
Relationship and communication expert Mike Bechtle offers women an insider's guide to the puzzling male brain. Simple and practical, this book provides women with a roadmap for better conversations and improved relationships. Bechtle explains how men think, act, communicate, and grow in relationship...

Tightropes and Teeter-Totters

Lisa Pennington

43 Available
Lisa Pennington knows how to get up after losing her balance, even with a full house, a not-so-full bank account, and never enough energy. In this uplifting book, she offers readers: Strategies for finding balance in marriage, motherhood, and bad moodsPlayful yet biblically based tips for turning ha...

You Belong

Women of Faith

35 Available
The BELONG tour, a new event from the team that brought you Women of Faith, is an experience that challenges women to pursue their best life. The BELONG team--a group of honest, hilarious friends--share stories and insights drawn from their own lives in print, online, and in person at BELONG Tour ev...

Made to Move Mountains: How God Uses Our Dreams& Disasters

Kristen Welch
$14.97 $27.99
47% off

34 Available
Life is an incredible journey with ups and downs. We soar, struggle, scale and stumble, and often stand at the edge of cliffs, afraid to step into the unknown, unsure of where we will land. But instead of running away, we are called by God to stand firm, muster up what faith we can, and take a step....

Fueled By Fire: Becoming a Woman of Courage

Staci Wallace

33 Available
Women today are expected to multitask--to serve, lead, influence, manage their busy schedules, nurture their families, and at the same time harness their emotions. Meanwhile, Satan, the longtime enemy of women, tells them they are not good enough, not successful enough, and certainly not capable of ...
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