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Experiencing Grief

H Norman Wright

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At one time or another, we will all find ourselves facing a dark journey--the passage through grief. Experiencing Grief is written for a person who is in the wake of despair grief leaves. This brief but powerful book will help lead readers out of their grief experience through five stages of grief. ...


June Hunt

1 Available
How do you cope when a deep or tragic loss leaves you feeling empty, angry, or alone? Healing is a journey, and while there are no shortcuts through the process of grief, God promises not to leave you in the valley of despair. For over 25 years, June Hunt has counseled those who grieve, and this boo...

Divine Disruption: Holding on to Faith When Life Brea

Priscilla Shirer

28 Available
Learn how to work your way through life's unexpected challenges with grace and find a deeper faith while on your journey. In this biblical and conversational book by Dr. Tony Evans and his four adult children—Chrystal Evans Hurst, Priscilla Shirer, Anthony Evans, and Jonathan Evans—you will hear fiv...

Seasons of Sorrow: Pain of Loss & the Comfort of God

Tim Challies

16 Available
An honest look at grief and fears, faith and hope. Combining personal narrative, sound theology, and beautiful writing, this is a book for anyone who has loved and lost. On November 3, 2020, Tim and Aileen Challies received the shocking news that their son Nick had died. A twenty-year-old student a...

Peace in the Face of Cancer

Barry C Black

6 Available
Millions of us are living in the shadow of cancer. Some are hoping to beat the odds and become cancer-free, while others know they are facing cancer for the long haul. And even more of us are standing by someone with a cancer diagnosis and feeling helpless as we grapple with the uncertainty it bring...

Hope in the Eleventh Hour: A Mother's Journey Through

Sarah B Berger
$19.97 $29.99
33% off

6 Available
When Sarah Berger's nineteen-year-old son went to heaven in an inexplicable single-car accident, Sarah found herself plunged into soul-searing grief--the kind that can ruin marriages and destroy faith. But that is not her story.  With an unrelenting grip on the Lord's hand, Sarah clung to the promis...

Surviving Suicide Loss: Making Your Way Beyond

Rita A Schulte

5 Available
Nothing could hurt worse. But even in the darkness . . . there's hope. The pain of suicide loss is indescribable. It seems beyond survival. Yet with faith, perseverance, and the tools of brain science, there is a way through. It will take time. It will take struggle. But hope is real, for there are...

Daily Prayers For Grieving Hearts


4 Available
Grief has many phases, and some phases make it difficult for us to find the words or motivation to pray. In the moments when we need God the most but can’t seem to connect with Him, Daily Prayers for Grieving Hearts can give us language to bridge the gap. This book helps you remember that God is clo...

Hope the Best of Things

Joni Eareckson Tada

4 Available
One thing has saved her: the heaven-sent hope found only in Christ. If hope is scarce in your life, this special booklet will draw you-toward a fresh perspective on suffering, true scriptural encouragement, and this beloved author's hard-won insights about the goodness of God. In her life's journey ...

Through a Season of Grief: Devotions For Your Journey

Bill Dunn

3 Available
If you've lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you've discovered that few people understand the deep hurt you feel. Where do you turn for daily comfort and help? Where do you find the tools to move forward? Through a Season of Grief is the first 365-day devotional designed to support and...

Life Can Be Good Again: Putting Your World Back Toget

Lisa Appelo

3 Available
When life unexpectedly shatters, it leaves layers of loss. We're left navigating a sea of emotions, unwanted change, and an unknown future all while wondering if we'll ever feel real joy again.  In Life Can Be Good Again, discover how to lament what's been lost, brave the broken places, find your f...

Hope For the Hurting H/C

Tony Evans

3 Available
Life is painful. Everyone's story comes with unique challenges, difficulties, bumps, and bruises that leave you lost and drowning in their wake. It could be a financial disaster, a health issue, a broken relationship, or the loss of a loved one. Dr. Tony Evans, bestselling author and pastor of Oak...

Widows Journey

Gayle Roper

2 Available
Have you recently lost your husband? Are there days when you feel so terribly alone - and that no one else could possibly understand? Author Gayle Roper understands. As a recent widow herself, Gayle writes: So who am I now that there's only one place at the table pillow with a head dent, one ...

Hope When Your Heart is Breaking: Finding God's Prese

Ron Hutchcraft
$12.97 $26.99
52% off

2 Available
Losing means grieving. Grieving means choices. Choices mean hurt or healing.  You've lost someone you love. Or you're on the brink of losing your marriage. Your dreams. Your health. Or perhaps the trauma of your past pursues you into the present.  Your life's going to change. Which way it goes won...

We're Stronger Than We Look: Insights & Encouragement

Jill Brown
$9.97 $24.99
60% off

2 Available
Caregiver, are you overwhelmed? Do you secretly have bouts of despair, bitterness, and even hopelessness? As a caregiver, you run the risk of disappearing. Your time goes overwhelmingly to the needs of your loved one. Your relationships get strained, and your challenges and anxieties are difficult t...

Unexpecting: Real Talk on Pregnancy Loss

Rachel Lewis

1 Available
When your baby dies, you find yourself in a life you never expected. And even though pregnancy and infant loss is common, it's not common to you. Instead, you feel like a stranger in your own body, surrounded by well-meaning people who often don't know how to support you. What you need during this ...
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