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Excavating the Evidence For Jesus: Archaeology & Hist

Titus M Kennedy

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Examine the Evidence Surrounding Jesus  No other figure has impacted history like Jesus. Yet today, he's often seen as a mythical character whose legend increased over time. So what does the historical and archaeological evidence say about Jesus?  Archaeologist Dr. Titus Kennedy has investigated f...

Unearthing the Bible: 101 Archaeological Discoveries That Br

Titus M Kennedy

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The Bible has long been dismissed as a book of myths, legends, fairy tales, and propaganda. Yet when we examine the archaeological evidence, its accuracy comes to light. In Unearthing the Bible, Dr. Titus M. Kennedy presents 101 objects that provide compelling evidence for the historical reliabilit...

Archaeological Guide to Bible Lands: Uncovering Bibli

Titus M Kennedy

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Insightful Archaeological Context. Illuminated Historicity. While the historical accuracy of the Bible has long been a topic of debate and has fallen under increased scrutiny in recent decades, new archaeological discoveries from an expanding host of ancient sites found in Bible lands continue to p...
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