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How Christianity Transformed the World

Sharon James

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Many people today would say that Christianity has done more harm than good to our world. Sharon James argues, however, in seeking to love their neighbour and reflect God’s moral character the followers of Jesus have had a largely positive impact on our society. James takes a number of areas – educat...

Ten Boys Who Made a Difference

Irene Howat

3 Available
Would you like to make a difference? These ten boys grew up to do just that - but first they had to change the church. How did God change them? Augustine discovered the love of God and changed the way we think; Knox focused on God's word and told his country the truth; Luther rediscovered God's ...

Both And: Understanding Apparent Contradictions in Christian

Ross Cunningham

10 Available
A visually engaging exploration of apparent contradictions within the Christian faith. One of the significant challenges in the Christian faith is the number of apparent contradictions the Bible presents. These paradoxes and mysteries can be difficult to understand. In Both-And Ross Cunningh...

Ten Girls Who Didn't Give In

Irene Howat

7 Available
Have you been inspired by characters from films like 'The Lord of the Rings' who did the right thing, no matter what the cost? Here are some real people from history who did just that! These ten girls grew up to become women who didn't 'give in'. Living as God would want them to was difficult but ...

Greatest Save Ever

Andrew Stratchan

4 Available
Every weekend you can watch football either on a screen or on the pitch. You might play a game yourself. Perhaps you'll even see some good saves. This book will tell you about the greatest save ever ... and it wasn't in a football match! With football facts and Bible verses, this book for 8-...

Grace, Faith and Glory: Freedom in Christ

Dominic Smart
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What is legalism? Wearing hats? Not wearing hats? Raising your hands in worship - or not? What is freedom from legalism? Doing your own thing? Not according to Dominic Smart. Legalism is, he points out, the belief that we can make and keep ourselves right with God by the keeping of rules and regulat...

God's Promises Kept: Devotions Inspired By Charles Spurgeon

Catherine Mackenzie
$9.97 $19.99
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For many years adults have enjoyed and been blessed by the profound thinking and clear writing of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Now this small padded book allows children to discover this joy for themselves. Following the premise of The Chequebook of the Bank of Faith, prolific children's author and edit...

Student's Guide to Anxiety: Track Series

Edward Welch

3 Available
We all know the feeling. That nervous, jittery, tense feeling that tells you that something bad is just ahead. Anxiety can be overwhelming. But the Bible has plenty to say to people who are anxious. This book will help us to take our eyes off our circumstances and fix them on God.

Luke 1-13: Year of the Lord's Favour

Dale Ralph Davis
$19.97 $34.99
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Esteemed biblical scholar Dale Ralph Davis examines the treasure to be found in Luke's gospel. His humor and love for his Saviour shine through in this addition to the Focus on the Bible series. Taking a few verses at a time, the exegesis draws the reader into the fascination that Luke has for this ...
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