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5 Love Languages Mens Edition: Five Love Languages Series

Gary Chapman

8 Available
The love she craves, the confidence you needIn a man's heart is thedesire to master what matters. It's nice to get a complement at work or on the court, but nothing beats hearing your spouse say, "You make me feel loved." If you haven t heard that in a while, or youfeel like you re not bringing you ...

Becoming a King: Path to Restoring the Heart ITPE

Morgan Snyder

3 Available
In Becoming a King, Morgan Snyder shares that when we take a deeper pass at the external problems around us, we begin to see the problems within our souls. Yet Morgan suggests there is hope in an ancient path that leads men to become trustworthy kings. Journey with Morgan as he walks alongside men ...

Wild At Heart (Exp Ed)

John Eldredge

1 Available
The bestselling book that has revolutionized the lives of millions of men, revised and expanded. John Eldredge has revised and expanded his phenomenal bestseller, Wild at Heart, and invites men to become most complete selves by:   recovering their masculine heart;  seeing themselves in the image ...

Tender Warrior

Stu Weber

30 Available
As a man, God created you to be a leader, protector, friend, and lover. Now revised and updated with chapters on "finishing the course" God has set before you, Weber's bestselling book paints a dramatic and compelling picture of balanced manhood. Written in a warm, personal style, you'll explore the...

180 Prayers For a Man of God H/C

$15.00 $24.99
40% off

30 Available
The all-powerful God we serve is interested in what you have to say! This devotional prayer book is a lovely reminder to bring any petition before your heavenly Father. Dozens of just-right-sized prayers touch on topics that will resonate with your heart. Topics include: time and money stewardship...

Daring Faith in a Cowardly World: Live a Life Without

Ken Harrison

27 Available
Are you ready to stop wasting time and start turning your mundane life into one of adventure and blessing Ken Harrison, Chairman and CEO of Promise Keepers, masterfully weaves together powerful stories and deep truths from Scripture to point you to the life for which God has called you. Ask Christi...

Authentic Men's Magazine Issue 13 Autumn 2021


26 Available
Stories and articles to encourage and strengthen your faith.

Authentic Men's Magazine Issue 20 Summer 2022/23


25 Available
Each new issue we strive to fill Authentic Magazine with great 'man stuff' - challenging, encouraging and insightful articles that help men dig deep to rediscover the life God intended us to lead, great features that help us relate to other people and their individual faith journeys, and useful tips...

5 Masculine Instincts: Guide to Becoming a Better Man

Chase Replogle

23 Available
Don't trust your instincts--there is a better path to becoming a better man. It's no secret: today's men face a dilemma. Our culture tells them that their instincts are either toxic or salvific. Men are left with only two options: deconstruct and forfeit masculine identity or embrace it with wild a...

Bible Wisdom For Your Life: Men's Edition

Ed Strauss

19 Available
Have questions? God has answers! Bible Wisdom for Your Life: Men's Edition is a compilation of hundreds of Bible verses, categorized under dozens of key life topics. Drawing from varied Bible translations for ease of reading, this book features subjects such as Competitiveness Emotions Exercise...

Play the Man: Becoming the Man God Created You to Be (OP)

Mark Batterson

14 Available
Somewhere along the way, our culture lost its definition of manhood, leaving generations of men and men-to-be confused about their roles, responsibilities, relationships, and the reason God made them men. It's into this "no-man's-land" that New York Times bestselling author Mark Batterson declares h...

Death of Porn: Men of Integrity Building a World of Nobility

Raymond Ortlund

11 Available
The Death of Porn by Ray Ortlund is a series of personal letters written to men assaulted by the porn industry. Every man can experience his true royalty-not through self-help, but by believing the gospel. Pastor Ortlund paints the picture of a whole generation redefining their future with new digni...

Authentic Men's Magazine Issue 14 Winter 2021


8 Available
Phil Joel - Great 'News Boys' on stage at home A Family Adventure is brewing, A coffee with Al Belcher Andrew Fraser , we sit down with the CEO of Rhema Media Chuck Missler - The real Mt Sinai? Wise words from Charles Price Plus, Trusting God, Eternity in our hearts and Gone fishing...

Man's Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines: 12 Habits

Patrick Morley

6 Available
Spiritual strength--like surgical skill or athletic excellence--requires training and practice.  Do you want to become the kind of man who walks with God and influences our world for Christ? You'll need a consistent regimen of spiritual exercises. In A Man's Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines, Patr...
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