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Beginning #1 Bible Study Book

Lifeway Publishing

Less than 10 Available
The Beginning Workbook includes an introduction to the weekly session topic, guided prayer options, and a complete story of the Bible with text and narrative explanation that drives the weekly meeting. (5 Sessions) The Beginning is an intentional Bible study for new disciples of Christ that can be u...

Pamphlet Plan of Salvation

Rose Publishing

Less than 10 Available
Packed with simple summaries, witnessing tips, and helpful illustrations, such as Romans Road, this easy-to-understand pamphlet shows how to present the Gospel in a simple yet effective way. It answers key question, including: What is the good news? How can I explain the gospel? and How can I share ...

Why God Calls Us To Dangerous Places

Kate McCord

Less than 5 Available
""Perhaps that s the greatest reason why He calls us to dangerous places: so that we will know His astonishing, sacrificial, life-restoring love. ""Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places "is about what is lost and what is gained when we follow God at any cost.Soon after 9/11, Kate McCord left the corp...

Purple Book Updated Edition

Rice Broocks

Out of stock, arrival 6+ weeks
Teens, rock stars, pro athletes, students, scholars, parents...people all over the world are doing The Purple Book. Now it's your turn. Why? Because you need a foundation that no storm in life can demolish-and a heart that's shaped and guided by the knowledge of God's Word. The Purple Book is a twel...

Rose Guide to Discipleship

Len Woods

Out of stock, arrival 2+ weeks
Enjoy having this easy-to-understand guide that includes 30 ready-to- use lessons on 30 discipleship topics on Christian faith and living including salvation, forgiveness, prayer, how to study the Bible, and more!

Breaking the Huddle: How Your Community Can Grow Its Witness

Don Everts

Out of stock, arrival 6+ weeks
Most Christians are stuck in the huddle. Even though we believe in outreach, most communities tend to focus on our own needs. That turns us into insular groups without many relationships with outsiders. So evangelism is occasional and conversions are rare. How do we change? In their groundbreaking b...

#Gospel: Life Hope and Truth for Generation Now

Daniel Rice

Less than 30 Available
You're invited. . .into an open conversation. . .an ongoing exchanging of ideas. . . As our ways of communication and comprehension change and adapt, so too must the presentation of the gospel. And while it's critically important that the content remain unchanged, the style and vehicle in which it ...

Why Bother With Church?

Sam Allberry

Out of stock, arrival 8+ weeks
The church has an image problem. It is widely viewed in the world at large as being outdated, boring, irrelevant and filled with backbiting hypocrites. How different that picture is to how the Bible talks about the new family that Jesus has gathered. It is a precious bride, a sparkling jewel, ...

Where Was God When That Happened?

Christopher Ash
$6.97 $11.99

Less than 5 Available
When a disaster happens; when personal tragedy strikes; when we are perplexed by world events, Christians begin to doubt that God is either truly good, or truly in control. Christopher Ash faces these questions head on, without flinching at any of the difficulties. First he looks at six different...

Can I Really Trust the Bible?

Barry Cooper

Out of stock, arrival 8+ weeks
The Bible makes big claims for itself. But do those claims stand up? Aren't the stories just legends? Hasn't the information been corrupted over time? Isn't the Bible full of mistakes? And isn't it culturally outdated? In this absorbing little book, Barry Cooper explores these questions - and many o...

Think Act Be Like Jesus

Randy Frazee

Less than 5 Available
The Bible teaches that the goal of the Christian life is to become like Jesus—for our own personal growth and for the sake of others. Every believer needs to ask three big questions: What do I believe? What should I do? And who am I becoming? In Think, Act, Be Like Jesus, bestselling author and pas...

Field Guide to the Bible

Bible Society
$7.99 $9.99

50+ Available
New from the Bible Society New Zealand, helping youth make ‘some’ sense of the Bible. For many young Christians and people new to the Bible, not knowing where to start reading is a key barrier to the Bible playing an important role in their faith. This along with confusion about how the Bible fits ...

How Do I Know If I'm Really Saved?

John Ortberg
$2.97 $4.99

Less than 5 Available

Discipleship Essentials (Rev & Exp Ed)

Greg Ogden

Out of stock, arrival 6+ weeks
We grow in Christ as we seek him together.

Field Guide To The Bible Pack-Book & NLT Bible 9780995113237

Bible Society
$27.99 $34.99

Less than 30 Available
Everything you need to help you dive into the Bible! This pack contains the Field Guide to the Bible, plus a companion NLT Bible. This NLT Bible contains: Presentation Page, full National Anthem of New Zealand in English and Maori, ‘Where to look for Help’ section, ‘Where can I Find it’ (Key storie...

28 Days to Knowing God

Dave Earley

50+ Available
Want to know God? Use His Word as your guide! This easy-to-read volume studies the major names and characteristics of God as found in the Bible. 28 Days to Knowing God speaks to both believers and seekers--people of all ages, backgrounds, and maturity levels--with an uplifting message: God is...
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