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Blessed Are the Peacemakers: A Biblical Theology

Helen Paynter

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This volume in Biblical Theology for Life series dives deeply into the topic of human violence. Before exploring what the Bible says about violence, Old Testament scholar Helen Paynter sets out the contours for the study ahead by addressing the various definitions of violence and the theories of its...

Hermeneutics: Principles & Processes of Biblical Inte

Henry Virkler

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This textbook provides students and general readers with clear, accessible guidance for interpreting the Bible. With nearly 120,000 copies sold, it has become a trusted resource for serious students of the Bible. The authors' successful approach shows how proper theory leads to sound practice. This...

Introducing Biblical Hermeneutics: A Comprehensive Framework

Craig Bartholomew

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Exploring Christian Scripture: Your Guide to the Worl(07/24)

Glenn R Kreider & Michael J Svigel

Out of stock, place an order, takes 19+ weeks (01/09/2024)
Exploring Christian Scripture provides a robust introductory overview of the narrative of Scripture and guides to how to locate the particulars of each biblical book within this narrative. It offers a collection of resources to familiarize lay and student audiences with the structure, context, and c...

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (09/24)

Jacqueline Grey

Out of stock, place an order, takes 31+ weeks (25/11/2024)
This introduction to biblical interpretation expands the interpretive task to encompass both comprehension of the Bible's content and active participation in God's redemptive plan. The authors help readers engage with the beauty of God's Word and read it holistically for their intellectual and spiri...
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