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Jesus Revolution (Movie Ed).: How God Transformed

Greg Laurie
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Now a major motion picture *** The Jesus Movement transformed the church--and it can transform you God has always been passionate about turning unlikely people into His most fervent followers. Prostitutes and pagans, tax collectors and tricksters, the pompous and the pious--the more unlikely, the...

Huia Come Home

Jay Ruka

25 Available
Huia e huia, tangata kotahi! Huia, your destiny is to bring everyone together! Māori proverb Once the sacred guardian of New Zealand’s native forests, the huia was a symbol of the land’s unique beauty and spirituality. The rare bird’s tragic extinction in the early 1900s represents a shot to the he...

How Christianity Transformed the World

Sharon James

10 Available
Many people today would say that Christianity has done more harm than good to our world. Sharon James argues, however, in seeking to love their neighbour and reflect God’s moral character the followers of Jesus have had a largely positive impact on our society. James takes a number of areas – educat...

Pamphlet Christian History Time Line

Rose Publishing

5 Available
Contains fascinating facts: -From the life of Jesus to the Gutenberg Bible - From Augustine to the Reformation- From the spread of Christianity to the spread of Islam- From the King James Version Bible to the Dead Sea Scrolls Available as a wall chart or a pamphlet. Wall chart size: 19" x 26." Pamph...

Church History in Plain Language (5th Ed)

Bruce Shelley

5 Available
Over 330,000 copies sold. This is the story of the church for today's readers. Bruce Shelley's classic history of the church brings the story of global Christianity into the twenty-first century. Like a skilled screenwriter, Shelley begins each chapter with three elements: characters, setting, plot...

Bullies and Saints: An Honest Look

John Dickson

4 Available
Is religion a pernicious force in the world Does it poison everything Would we be better off without religion in general and Christianity in particular Many skeptics certainly think so. John Dickson has spent much of the last ten years reflecting on these difficult questions and on why so many doub...

Unsettling Truths: The Ongoing, Dehumanizing Legacy

Mark Charles & Soong-Chan Rah

2 Available
You cannot discover lands already inhabited. Injustice has plagued American society for centuries. And we cannot move toward being a more just nation without understanding the root causes that have shaped our culture and institutions. In this prophetic blend of history, theology, and cultural commen...

Epic: An Around-The-World Journey Through Christian History

Tim Challies

1 Available
Each generation suffers from self-obsession, and we do well to keep one eye on the past, to consider not only where we wish to go, where we have been. Christianity has a long and storied past that testifies to God's enduring grace, and even though so much of Christian history has passed away and man...

Forerunners of the Faith Teacher's Guide

Nathan Busenitz
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Enter God’s Story of Faithfulness to His People The Christian faith extends beyond our personal experiences, our individual churches, and far beyond our present age. This, for the Christian, is great news. When we become acquainted with the legacy of our Christian heritage, we connect our stories ...

Short History of Christian Zionism

Donald M Lewis

1 Available
This book is about an idea―namely, that Scripture mandates a Jewish return to the historical region of Palestine―which in turn morphed into a political movement, rallied around a popular slogan ("A country without a nation for a nation without a country"), and eventually contributed to the establish...

Never Give an Inch: Fighting for the America I Love

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A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spearheaded the Trump Administration's most significant foreign policy breakthroughs. Now, he reveals how he did it, and how it could happen again. As the only four-year national security member of President Trump's Cabinet, he work...
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