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5 Love Languages Singles Edition: Five Love Languages Series

Gary Chapman

3 Available
Being single or married has nothing to do with whether you need to feel loved! Everyone has a God-given desire for complete and unconditional love in all relationships. Originally written for couples, bestselling "The Five Love Languages" continues to revolutionize relationships. In "The Five Love...

Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married

Gary Chapman

2 Available
Most people spend far more time in preparation for their vocation than they do in preparation for marriage - Dr Gary Chapman. No wonder the divorce rate hovers around fifty percent. Bestselling author and marriage counselor, Gary Chapman, hopes to change that with his newest book. Gary, with more th...

Christ-Centered Dating: Pursuing a Relationship that

Mark Ballenger

6 Available
What if glorifying God and pursuing marriage could happen at the same time? Christian singles are often taught that the best way to find "the one" is to glorify God and let him take care of the rest. What if, instead, singles glorified God through their pursuit of marriage?   In Christ-Centered Dat...

Pure: Why the Bible's Plan For Sexuality Isn't Outdat

Dean Inserra

4 Available
Few things bring more immediate scrutiny and impassioned angst among young adult Christians today than hearing the words “purity culture.” Serious flaws from purity culture deserve to be scrutinized, especially given its lasting negative effects on some raised in the movement. Many Christians today ...

7 Myths About Singleness

Sam Allberry

3 Available
This book sets forth a positive vision of singleness by responding to 7 common misconceptions about singleness in the church today.

Is Marriage For Me?: A Faith Journey

June Dooney
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2 Available
Looking back over 29 years of marriage, I now recognise how perfectly God has matched Godfrey and me together. But Godfrey didn’t come in the package I’d expected. I wonder how many have turned away from marrying someone because they didn’t meet their expectations.’ An extract from ‘Is Marriage for ...

Grown Woman's Guide to Online Dating: Lessons Learned

Margot Starbuck

1 Available
New York Times bestselling writer and funny lady Margot Starbuck dives into the world of online dating, sharing the often-absurd, sometimes-serious experiences that helped her embrace who she truly is. Four years after an unexpected divorce and at the urging of friends, Margot Starbuck ventured in...

How Should a Christian Date?: It's Not as Complicated

Eric Demeter

1 Available
Pitch the Christian dating rulebook out the window. There's a better way! No matter what you might have heard, God didn't mandate a divine way to date. What He did do, in the Bible, is lay out principles for wise and healthy relational living among believers. His boundaries for us are wise and good...

Single, Just Because: A Pilgrimage Into Holy Alonenes

Bridget Gee

1 Available
"Why are you single?" "Just because." However we answer that question, what's more important than why we are single is how we live as singles. Regardless of our relationship status, all of us are called to a life of vital discipleship. And walking with God can reshape singleness into a pilgrimage ...

Considering Marriage

June Hunt

1 Available
Learn as much as possible about yourself, your future mate, and Gods purpose for marriage before you tie the knot! You will find godly guidance about choosing a life partner, assessing readiness for marriage, and entering a lifetime commitment with confidence and joy. June Hunt, a licensed biblical ...
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