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We Too: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively

Mary E DeMuth
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There is an unspoken crisis within the evangelical church. We like to think of the church as a haven for the hurting and broken in our world. But what happens when it's not? Author and advocate Mary DeMuth lends her voice to tackle the church's approach to domestic violence, sexual abuse, and hara...

Embracing the New Samaria: Opening Our Eyes

Alejandro Mandes
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What does the Bible tell us about ethnic diversity? How far do we need to travel to fulfill the Great Commission? Walk out your front door and you'll find our "new Samaria"--a land of immigrants, refugees, and people of countless cultures and backgrounds longing for us to welcome them and to share ...

Now What?: How to Move Forward When We're Divided

Sarah Stewart Holland & Beth A Silvers
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From friendships to Facebook to far-off countries, what do we do when our lives seem mired in conflict? How do we find connection when our differences are constantly on display and even exacerbated by algorithms and echo chambers? How do we build a kinder society? If you are tired of the anxiety, f...

Faithful Disobedience: Writings on Church and State

Wang Yi

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Throughout China's rapidly growing cities, a new wave of unregistered house churches is growing. They are developing rich theological perspectives that are both uniquely Chinese and rooted in the historical doctrines of the faith. To understand how they have endured despite government pressure and c...
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